A Short Update on the Progress of Week 19

Hello everyone! :studio_microphone:

As per the latest experimental thread discussion, a few of you requested that even though we’ve moved over to a bi-weekly devlog, we’d still give you a small update as to what is going on… and if you ask, we will of course provide.

The UI Sprint

Believe it or not, but from a functional stand point the new UI project is nearing completing. We’ve been hard at work implementing new panels and have revisited a lot of underlying systems, ranging from economy to notifications and the newly implemented incident system (which currently only relieves the notification system and actually creates incident out of, for example, a broken sink, more incidents will come later).

We’re currently working on implementing the management panel’s data display, which marks the last large functional feature of the UI overhaul and expect a first, basic, version of this to be completed by the end of this week. Everything we do is subject to feedback from the focus group and so far, all in all, it’s going well. The UI is in large considered to be a lot better than as of Alpha 26.2 and we believe so too. When we’re finished, from a functional perspective, we’ll onboard the UI/UX consultant for a, well, UI and UX review and take it from there. As to when Alpha 27 gets deployed on the experimental branch is thus still a bit up in the air, but we’ll make sure to share it with you as we get closer to a decision.

Steam Workshop Integration

The foundation for the Steam Workshop integration is complete. While there are still additional features to add, we consider the current state shippable for the experimental branch. More info on when we launch the workshop feature will come as we’re nearing an initial Alpha 27 deployment on the experimental branch.

A New Aircraft Implemented

We took a short brake from all this UI stuff and implemented the CRJ200 and also, finally, the last winning airline from the airline design contest. Nothing more needs to be said, instead check out this picture:

Design Contest Prizes

… and speaking of design contests, we can happily announce that the winners of the design contests will have their prizes shipped today! Airport CEOs in Europe should expect to have their packages by the end of this week and international CEOs anywhere from the end of next week to the end of the week after that.

We can track most packages and will see if something goes wrong, hopefully not, but if they do we’ll contact the associated party. If you’re a winner and haven’t received your package within a month, please notify us.

All right, that’s all we have to say for that minor update. For the next real development blog this text will naturally get repeated, just so you know.

Fly safe! :airplane:


Thanks guys!


Thank you too! :heart_eyes:

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Looks longingly :drooling_face:

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When will those mugs be available, or no option to buy merchandise?

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If enough people would express an interest we could set up an automated merch shop… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sign me up then for a mug. :yum:

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would be nice

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give me a a mug :slight_smile:

Don’t forget about

  • Hoodies
  • T-shirts
  • Mouse mats
  • Hats
  • Bags




  • Luggage tags
  • (Luggage) stickers
  • Eye masks
  • Liquid holding bags
  • Carrying hard case storage bag for earphone earbuds / chargers / etc
  • Phone covers, lanyards, rucksacks, trolleys, suitcases, neck pillows… jets… (sorry got a little carried away there :blush:)

is there actually an online merch store that does these?

As in generic merch stores that sell products with ‘your’ company identity, possibly also with your own hostname and branding, you mean? I’m sure there are businesses that do that already :thinking: and otherwise we just created a new business market opportunity :wink: