A person who likes detailing tries speedruning…

My race to 50,000,000 passengers! More will be posted soon. This will be a first-time experience for me so let’s see how it turns out! See you soon!

Also, how do we know when we get there? The steam achievement is for all saves… EDIT: found it

The dashboard contains a figure for the passengers transported.

Basics downish

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Progress update:

Haven’t taken any loans! I will probably be the only one! @Shaquille @jasperwillem


And next progress update! Plans are being executed, and money is flowing in! No loans yet

I mostly plan out everything then builds it in chunks. No plans for dividing it into terminals… too much work

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Maybe in vain. At the 6th year, I spent 5 million in 2 days, and therefore I had to take 2 loans. )

Move parking lots underground, they take up precious space.
I am doing from multiple terminals. The structure of one terminal is not very flexible and difficult to modernize. The larger your terminal, the more complex it is, the longer the paths of passengers and vehicles, respectively, the processor will overstrain earlier.

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Are you talking about my pc? I don’t think so…

Alrighty, after some time away here is try two (2,000 pax so far):


What happened to the previous airport?

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Bad layout mostly… With this one I have a plan, and Airport CEO templates to help out (self advertising)

Random fact: My airport is called I hate speedrunning 2, while the one before was called I hate speedrunning

Minor update (very small progress)

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Show what the daily economic report looks like.

Here you go:

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