"A passenger can't claim their baggage" error

I almost solved every error messages and their reasons but this one.

I don’t now the reason for this message, is it real world problems or because of our lack of airport management or design problems ?

why we got this message ? what is reason

if it happens on experimental, I also have this issue and I cannot find its cause. But what I notice is when I notice the error message, I find PAX at the bus stop.

I get allways this message and i find it a bit annoying. :smiley: I figured out, that some airplane are not full unloaded. For example: 45/46 unloading. I think the baggage ist still standing at the other airport, or in another airplane toward another location…like in real life. :grin:
I wish i could deactivate such annoying messages.


I still wonder this subject.

Jinxi is correct, it’s a bug that occurs due all bags not always being correctly offloaded, looking into fixing that as soon as possible. In the meantime you are welcome to send in a bug report with the save in which this occurs so we can test it when a solution is in place!

thanks Olof.
I only wonder reason and now it’s OK, will wait for fix these annoying messages

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Olof if you couldn’t find any save games, just place stand, vehicle depot and Ramp Agent resting room right next to each other. It doesn’t matter where the rest of objects are located.

No we do have a few good saves of the bug waiting for solving, will start taking on week of the day dedicated to regular bug fixes once we’re fully back at the office and this issue is on the top of the backlog! :slight_smile:

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I am still getting this message. It seems that passengers don’t wait for the bags and go out at the bus stop

What does your airport layout look like?

Thank you for your reply

same ,getting this message also… dont know why… all seems good… 3 planes baggage unload 80+ … then 1 plane just 9 unloaded from 100+ passengers, all go to the baggage area and then spawm the message . I have spare vehicles. and all =(

Could you please file a bug report with the save files for the airports in which this occurs? It’s pretty hard to recreate and there are a few specific cases in which it can occur so I’d really like to get my hands on your saves. :slight_smile:

Hello again,

still having this problem with all the airports.
In this case is smaller therefore less people are missing their bags
I will try to file a bug report

I am not able if someone has this problem could he do it ?

The issue and its origin is known by know but has yet to make it into a fix version. It’s not critical enough compared to what we’re currently working on but please do keep filing bug reports on it so we have enough saves to check with once it is time.


I think we could make a coin or recover lost baggage, it could solve the solution

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