A mix of questions and ideas

Hello, so i have some questions and ideas.
Now with the big bird update. Will we also have Economy class, business class and first class, passengers and ques?

Also i would like to add like Sky priority for short hall flights.

Also i wish we soon can see flight crews going thru the airport.
Also it would be soo cool to see on of the pilots do the walk-around before departure, usually it’s done before boarding.

Then i’m wondering if medium aircraft will be able to use the big boys toys later?
As well if a medium flight also can have 2 busses and boarding/de-boarding via stairs from both back and front.

Hello, so i’ve just arrived home from a long trip. and i picked up some things we need in ACEO. So my ideas is things I saw or used at some airports i was on during my trip.
4 lanes under the gate for air-side traffic. Be able to upgrade to two lanes in each direction.
Now that our airports is getting truly big we also need to cope with the airport traffic.

Escalators that can go from floor 1 to 3, skipping floor 2. For better passenger flow control.

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idea two had been discussed elsewhere…

I believe economy is in Alpha 35

yeah, classes I think they said are coming out with the terminal update which is Alpha 35. On the elevators, you can put walls on the side and put two elevators down/up three floors with the walls keeping pax/staff from getting on/off on the floor you want to skip. But yeah, I requested multi-floor elevators a couple weeks ago as well. I just use the walls for this for now.

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