A final wish: previous versions

Sometimes, we just want to play some of the old versions. Go back to the simple times, when medium aircraft were the largest and the UI was a bit different.
I wish that, similar to KSP, the previous versions of the game were avalible in the Betas tab.

The issue is that those old versions would also require to be maintained and tested when the United Engine in the background gets updated. Since then there were several Unity released.

It’s possible. I got the alpha release version on my pc lol. Google around a bit

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I’ve never seen that issue on other games, such as KSP. Besides, previous version problems shouldn’t have to be fixed, because it’s a previous version.
I still feel like we should have the option, at least.

The steam command line is your friend. On a completely unrelated note, I remember back in the day whenever fallout 4 updated it broke mods, so there were tutorials for reverting versions in steam…

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It’s possible to use older version. But it’s illegal copy. Illegal copy is a serious issue for the developers and this must be stop

I dont think theres anything illegal about it, you get the old version through Steam and it only works if you actually own the game. There is nothing against that on the EULA. Now of course downloading the game online is illegal…


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