A few ideas

List of ideas

  1. Signs
    There should be signs so you (the pax) can see

  2. Different car starts
    Have different spawn areas for the roads

  3. Floor selector
    It will be easier to be able to choose the floor type when you build the terminal

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  1. What kind of signs?
  2. Different spawn areas? What do you mean?
  3. Cool idea, it would make building a bit easier. But does that really save time that much?

By spawn areas I mean where cars go to and from

Ok ya I’m guessing you mean multiple road tunnels into the airport

for airport public road entrance/spawn area… I was hoping it would be moveable… that you could start with a clean slate and then put the entrance where you want as you plan your design so you are not limited to where it is currently with it sticking out 6 tiles.

Yes I also wish it could be expanded as in more than 2 lanes

How would you like the other types to look and work?

Signs will be like lettering to go on walls (for pax) or floor (for us). The signs will be good when multi terminals are in place and the other one is having a option to choose the type of floor when building the terminal

For me it would be fine with the road connection at the beginning combined with the ability to build new connections. Then the game could allow you removing them as long as at least one is left.
That way you could have it at a different location, have multiple connections and are still saved from the deadlock when removing the last one.

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