A few ideas I had

Didn’t feel like doing new post per idea so…:

  1. Ability to buy your own airplane and later on multiple airports
  2. Research to remove/reduce restricted flight time
  3. I’m guessing there will be times where you have to ground aircrafts due to weather
  4. Having our own franchise store in our airport or maybe even another one
  5. Some form of automated flight shecdule if we get our own planes

Yeah 2 and 3 are pretty cool.
Grounding aircraft and crashes are most likely gonna be in the game as different incidents are gonna be implemented soon.

But as for buying airplane and scheduling it , it wouldn’t make sense since this is an Airport management game and you are the CEO of your airport, not airline . But it would be cool to be a hub for an specific airline .


Thought be better as you can schedule how many people board or if you do the practical over boarding and have to compensate

Just realized how misunderstanding my idea was lol
I meant like we can buy Boeing airplanes (doesn’t have to be them, just an idea)
Then we can paint our airline sign on the planes and use those airplanes for flights and stuff

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