A few bugs and suggestions

I’ve been playing for a while, but I often just ignore bugs and such because I am lazy. Here are a few bugs and a few (hopefully) easy suggestions I have, which I have found over a lot of time playing! :slight_smile: All of these happen on vanilla, all mods and code-based mods have been disabled!

Converting taxiway tiles to a different version in planning mode is free

If we are converting an asphalt taxiway to a concrete one, it should cost a certain amount. When doing this in planning mode, the change will be applied (asphalt to concrete) not as a planned change, but instantly (as if you weren’t in planning mode). However, it will convert it for free (you won’t be charged. This applies only to taxiways (stands and roads work as expected)

Converting asphalt/concrete tiles is always free

Very simple and not a major bug, but converting between tile types is always free (even though there is a cost difference)

Automated boarding desks move forward on copy paste

When copy-pasting an automated boarding desk, only when it’s been placed at some rotations, it will slip forward a single tile from where it’s been placed, making it painful to copy-paste it. See image:

This happens only on the vertical alignment of boarding desks (assume the direction of the starter road tunnel is vertical and the game rotation hasn’t been changed.

Suggestion: Make opening the zones construction tab brings up the zone helper, not the construction helper

Opening the zone construction panel brings up the construction helper at the top of the screen, not the zone helper. The zone helper would be more helpful for new players. Further, immediately opening the zone and room overlay would help this even more, since new players don’t know about overlays yet (z-key and such).
The zone construction panel brings up this:

but would be more helpful if it brought up this:

Suggestion: Make it so that the management panel closes other panels when opened

This is already in place for some panels. The:

  • Flight Planner
  • Flight Monitor
  • Construction Panel

are all “exclusive”, meaning if say the flight planner is open, if you open the flight monitor the flight planner will close. This is great. The top right game settings panel and tutorial panel are not exclusive, but they shouldn’t be since you might want to see the tutorial and flight planner at the same time and the settings panel is an overlay. However, the management panel is not fully “exclusive” with the other ones. If it is open, then the flight planner will close it, but not the other way around. If the flight planner is open, you can open the management panel without the flight planner closing.

That’s it for now, I know these are minor, but they would make the game a little better for everyone! There may be a part two coming if I find more things! Thanks :smile:


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