A Collaborative Airport

Hi all,
With release fast approaching/ happened if you’re from the future.
I was wondering about creating a community airport. The idea would be that the save would be sent by dropbox/ emailed around people every 2-7 days and during that time you would build part of the airport.
It would take some time but could turn out amazingly. I would want to possibly run this through this thread and maybe the discord.If you’re interested, let me know and plans can start!


We should make house rules for this.

Also, inb4 “Twitch Plays ACEO”, lol

Obviously, the airport will be kept backed-up in case something goes wrong and there will be a rough plan for buildings and layout etc

Why? If you let different people build the airport, let them build it the way they want :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course, but if people go mental it could be problematic. We’ll see how it goes.

That’s part of the fun :slight_smile:
Although… Give me the save 2 days and… well…remember those first few screenshots with all those gates?..


yeah, I’ll make sure you’re exempt xD


Well, I’ll be sure to leave with a lot of … budget balancing

PS: Oh wow, capitalized I looks just like normal l


I’m down. But there should be rules and make it a rotation between who’s building so we don’t end up with a trillion different airports

I love this idea and I’m done with it! I think a good way to determine the size of the what someone builds could maybe how much money they spend. I’m not sure how well that would work though as it would be slow in the beginning. Anyways, just a thought!

I like the money idea. I’ll have more on plans later

I think you should use this collaborative process to build facsimillie (sp?) of major airport in the world, Heathrow, LAX, blah, blah

Make the save games available to download and play for new players - somewhere in the Load Game. Preload the software with these airports. Maybe some can be operational already, maybe some can just be barebones, maybe some can be used for players to play “dress up barbie” by adding plant pots and changing the floor colours, maybe some could be tutorial airports for specific issues (baggage), maybe some can be minimal starter airport.

My point being that this is Alpha. People playing alpha are committed to the process generally and are more willing and able to solve issues and find workarounds for bugs and game changing, but at some point (and I’d like to see a roadmap please, devs?!) this game will be 1.0 GA release, right?
1000’s, 100,000’s, 1,000,000’s of new player needing guidance - what better way that to use some collaboratively community built airports to learn from and play with?

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I don’t want us to all commit to a major project like Heathrow before optimisation and multiple floors, however, I love the idea of these becoming official community airports.

yeah, this would be for 1.0 - all stable and good in the hood and optimised

Use Steam Workshop to share airports with community too :slight_smile:

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Hey all, let’s make some progress. You can now register your interest. Please enter a forum username (preferably yours :stuck_out_tongue:) and whether you have discord in a time slot you will be available to build! I have put in the next month. If we have overlaps (two claims) we’ll discuss it below on the forum.

EDIT: You should now be able to edit the sheet without requesting access

Can you make an example? I’ve kind of confused on the format you would like it in. Also, I requested edit access. Currently, you have it on “Read Only”.

Oops, I have given you access and can add an example later

Ah. Thank you! I have added myself to the list.

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Just added, would love to see the results of this collaboration. Maybe an idea to post a picture of the airport every day?

Once we have something going, that would be great!