747 event?

Since most of the 747s are now going out of service :sob: :sob:, I think this could be a great time to create so some sort of community event to celebrate all that the aircraft has done to and for this world, and helped people travel to see other people on a mass scale.

Would anybody like to do this or have any ideas?

Would be cool, but there is little we can really do, I mean, if this was a multiplayer game like stormworks build and rescue or Minecraft, we could just all join a server with some 747’s and just mess around


This will probably make your day!

Today first 747 take-off from Twente Airport (NL) Small airport where the Lufthansa fleet was parked.

Unfortunately these Queens will also be scrapped as their next stop will be the scrapyard… :crying_cat_face:

You can still buy 2 or 3 of those in Twente. :slight_smile:

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BA retrieved one of theirs from storage at Cotswold Airport the other day…