747 classic/737-200 via modding

Now sure how this would work, but as I’m understanding, the 747/737 design is a case of textures.

So hypothetically, could the engines not be easily changed to the earlier engine design to turn into older JT9Ds or older fairings? I believe some modders have already had some success removing the winglets.

@Rubble, @dawed

You need to remember one thing, the wings of the 747 classics (-100, -200) are shortest than the -400 and the fuselage of the SP is more shortest than the rest of the 747s.

How you can see, the 737 are different each others, you maybe going to need help of Rubble or of the devs.

True about the 741/2 series, what about the 743? The SP is definitely something that needs dev intervention. Was just thinking of a visual change in the interim until lengths are sortable since changing the length would also cause an issue with the ground handling.

you can disable stuff from the mdks but you can’t disable or move position of the wings cause the thing we do is just an overlay over a white vanilla plane