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I know it’s hard to make the planes for Airport CEO. but I thought why not have the 737 as we have A319, A320, A321 my suggestion would be 737-300,737-700,737-900. because the 737-300 as incredible as it seems it still used examples: BoA boliviana aviacion, canadian north, asl airlines in the future maybe the max series. I love the 737-8MAX he’s a 787 baby
737-300 VARIG BRASIL photo by airliners.net
737-700 LUXAIR photo by luxair.com
737-900 ALASKA photo by alaska airlines.com


I can definetly see where you are coming from. I would say, that first of all we need to finish the NG family. We would only need 737-700, 737-900 and 737-900ER. Then, I would do the Classic family (-300, -400, -500), maybe later we can also have the MAX family (-7, -8, -9, -10) and if historical mode ever gets introduced, then even the Original family (-100 and -200). One thing I would also propose, is that we should re-design the NG winglet sprite to bring it more up to date with the ones on A320s, 757s,…


B737 MAX 7
B737 MAX 8
B737 MAX 9
B737 MAX 10



yes but I believe that the 737-100 would go into story mode the 737-200 does flights still in Canada

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Oh, I see now :sweat_smile:. I have forgotten about our future cargo update… Well then, we most certainly need those as well.

Yes you are right, there are still some 737-200s flying in northern Canada and some in Africa. I also believe there is a single 737-100 flying for NASA. I just have not mentioned them since they are quite rare these days.

Fredrik is the keeper of the 737 series. The Max’s might have some wiggle room.

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To be honest, I would actually prefer the Classic series, rather than the MAX series.

As game is coming to an full release I still hope for B737-700 B737-900ER, as it would be a massive addition to game cause then we would be able to edit those into MAXs and split scimitar winglet version etc…

my biggest wish is a wing without any winglet… so we can get closer to the classic ones…
the NG and MAX Version we can simulate somehow :smiley:

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Yeah if we get all 737NG types without winglets, we could do any other 737 besides -100 and -200 cause their wings are completely different and engines, also -500 as it’s the shortest in 737 series

Just let developers make aircraft modding available for us so this community can go and create EVERY SINGLE aircraft around the world :smiley:

That’s not always best idea because from SimAirport example there’s a lot of really bad quality aircrafts on workshop and almost every single different mod has different plane of same type for example 737-800 one has less detail one is really detailed

Unless rubble will continue making planes after games full release and make them as mod (if plane modding will be available)

You are right but I think this community, especially ACEOMG is a strong group that it can be organized quite well in my opinion.


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