7 shops in a tiny terminal

Challenge; 7 large shops in a small terminal.


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Define “small” terminal. Because I think “this” is small: I know picture is from previous versions but with today’s versions it is still possible to be built.


Actually, it isn’t possible.
The boarding desks require A TON of space in front of them. You don’t give them that space.

Yes currently not possible. But will be possible in future.

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When you are used to build for lots of medium stands, this is very small ;).

And the DEV’s told us we should build open spaces to make it easyer for the path-finder, I try to do that a bit more nowadays ;).

You must be rolling in cash now since shops are OP with regards to profit. As it stands now, it is more like Another Brick in the Mall CEO on the economy side :stuck_out_tongue: