51k passengers in Terminal. Only 10 medium stands

The game has slowed to crawl on my computer. Once I get to the :59 mark there is a 30 second delay.

Just realized, I have over 51 000 people in my terminal. No wonder the game is crawling along.

Is this a bug, I did I do something really wrong?

That means your passengers are not leaving the airport somehow. You should find the cause of that problem. Maybe you need more bus stops and subways.

We feed on screenshots, in our hunger to help.


Do you think that also cause poor computer performance?

Gonna fix that ASAP and see if that helps. Currently have 5 bus stops, 2 car stops. I will add subway.

Check your bus stop counts > open / close them 1 by 1 (after you build a few metros)

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A few metros? You need more than one. Didn’t know that.

I might start a new airport. I had it set at 100% passengers. Maybe that was the problem. Maybe it was poor transportation links that caused the 52k people stuck, ya it kept going up.

Gonna try a new airport. See if it was my design and settings that caused it.

Thank you for the replies.

I may be as simple as putting in a subway and closing bus stops one at a time. Had 30k maself at one time. wait for the mass exodus though

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bah… you’ll be fine
its a few subways to solve the problem faster. Jasper already posted the solution I posted.

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Yeah, dont start a new airport, waste of time and effort :stuck_out_tongue:

Just build a few metro’ stops and close your busstops one by one.

Btw, I always run 100% PAX, gives you more income.

Current bus / metro stops for about 5k PAX peak daily.

Make sure the nsecurity exits don’t accidentally have any staff-only zoning over them. That was a huge accident I had in one of my first airports. What’s worse is I didn’t notice it because it was just 1-square wide to whole length of the exit (hard to see).

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It says you get the same income but better performance.

Started a new airport. Already up to 10 medium stands. No performance issue and I have pax set at 26%.

Built a subway entrance right away this time.

Your airport is massive. Wow. _


The issue is probably your bus stops. This happened with me as well. The departing passengers stay at the bus stop for a bus to never come so they just stay there. My solution is to build a subway station (if you don’t have one) and turn off the bus stops. The passengers will then use the subway station nonstop, fixing the problem.

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Make sure you have doors and ways to get off airport grounds. If that fails press F10 and select “Send passengers home”