5 Stars available contract rating and Airline Contracts

Hello , i have 5 stars on my available contract rating but no five star airline wants to sign with me how can i fix that? I have added some 5 star airlines from the workshop as Qatar Airways and i really want to sign with that airline but no airline wants to sign with me even though i have 5 stars for a while now… any fix?

Ive cancelled many 4-3-2 star airlines on hoping to get a 5 star on the offered contracts page and i had those 5 star contracts a long time ago when i got 5 stars then i didnt have it for like 2 years (ingame) then i got 5 stars back again with no contracts wanting to sign.


You say the airport had 5 stars and then fell down for a while? It could be a bug that then no more offers come in. Then you should send in a bug report.

On the other hand, how many mods do you have subscribed in total?

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