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I don’t know if this is the right topic for this forum, but I seem i can’t get a 5 star rating.
My airport is always 4. Do ineed GA to reach 5 star ? Or what are the factors that make you reach 5 star ?


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I have no idea… Because you asked this topic would be best in support :slightly_smiling_face:

I moved topic to support.

As for the question, I do not know the answer to that. I can at least say I’ve never managed to get a 5 star airport.

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sorry for the mistake…

I hope someone knos lol lol

Do you provide all services and all types of infrastructure? Also security patrols, a good rating, good time performance, …

I’m not sure if you technically can provide services so good you get bumped to a 5 star like @andyc said but usually when I try to get the 5* I add the smallest possible GA spot ie one runway one taxiway and a few stands(of asphalt or concrete), lower the prices of stands to the maintenance plus a little, provide them jet A1 fuel at cost price and voila they take less than an eighth the size of the old map and yet accounted for 1/3 of my airports ratings, usually averaging at about 86-90%.

From experience, 5* airports are an average of 85% and above. Not sure what happens if you dip below that though

I can confirm it is impossible to reach 5 -star without having GA. At least with the current rating system which is a bit flawed (terminal scoring and staff friendliness are bugged and penalize the overall rating)

As of beta 3,
WIthout GA, maximum rating can reach 80%
With GA, average rating can reach 90%

So you need GA to reach 5 stars.

I bugreported the fact that GA is needed for a commercial airport a while back. I found the 80/90% issue too. If you ask me, a big issue is, that all rating calculate with all services. I would expect them to calculate for all active services. And then I could fanthom a topoff/maxvalue, with a warning, so; 80% (tooltip; raise this number by enabling more services). But then you could always have a good performance indicator, with your active services.

To answer the topic, it is a while back for me to have a 5 star airport, since I then had huge issues with pushback delays, but I did not have a full airport in Beta 3 yet, so, i did not test it there; and pushback delays should be better know, since Olof did change the algorithm. To be complete; push-back delays, gave you penalties on airline satisfaction, and average airline satisfaction, is a part of the rating system.

For GA I agree, but you cannot get a 5 star airport if you do not provide fuel, catering, cleaning, baggage or even a simple toilet.

That is why I could understand a ceiling if not all services are active, but with tooltip, and not a ceiling of 20%/40%/60%, but 80% from the start of your airport.

I have a 5 star airport just with small stands and GA, so it’s possible with out catering and cleaning.

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thank you so much to all :smiley:

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In general it is very bad it is a black box rating. But I have made many posts about that before.

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