45 Degree Taxiways Possible solution?

Has anyone else had the idea of using stickers to create 45-degree taxiway support? We already can draw the nodes in the middle at an angle, so theoretically it would be possible, with some good design, to make a 45 taxiway edge sticker. Something like this maybe (no, it’s not the right size!):
45 taxiway new

I am not good at graphical design, so I don’t know how to redo this image with the right proportions (The lines are too thick). Also, so other images would have to be made. Image about that:

Just trying to create the spark for something here… Like always…

Actually that was something which the devs still worked on. May they have news for that.


I remember something following on from the diagonal taxiway line markings about smoothing the edges of taxiway foundation tiles. Would be great feature :slight_smile:

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Now my expectations are high olof! :rofl: