3D Version?

Hello, I’m new to ACEO. I have always wanted to play a real simulation of running an airport. This game seems to offer what I’ve been looking for (I need to play more). Does anyone know if the developer has toyed with the idea of making this a 3D game? A 3D version of this game would set this genre on fire IMO. Just a thought!

3D would be of course a nice addition. I do hope that an ACEO 2 or a similar game gets to the market somewhen.
Let’s see if Apog Labs may return to this genre with all the new things they have learned.

Another game on the market called SkyHaven sadly is currently untrustworthy and delayed by many years. Filled with empty promises and not worth to invest any cent.

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Yep….sorry about the double post, wasn’t sure if the developers looked at the community forum much. I was keeping an eye on Sky Haven (it looks good), but it seems the developers have bitten off more than they can chew and are simply disappointing their potential customers. Thanks for the response!

I am presently testing another game, which is 3D. Really, although a lot (really a lot !) simpler than Airport CEO, the 3D only converts in a hog for rate of frames, and I think converting Airport CEO into 3D would make you have to use some NASA mega-computer :rofl: without bringing anything in terms of gameplay.

Lol….I was thinking about that myself, you may be right. ACEO does pull a lot of resources in its present form. A 3D version would probably require some sort of military-grade mega rig :joy:

Having Airport CEO in 3D would actually, as strange as it may sound, help with rendering performance. We initially started development in 3D but due to our lack of, well, overall game development experience, we opted for 2D instead which from a technical perspective is a more “easy” implementation. However, rendering 10000 sprites on a screen as opposed to rendering 10000 cubes are most likely a lot less performant since there are a bunch of tricks and optimizations you can do with 3D objects that you cannot do with 2D ones. That’s only half of the matter though, as a game like Airport CEO is not only GPU intensive but also CPU intensive considering the amount of data we crunch every frame.


Thanks for responding, I know ACEO is definitely CPU intensive. I’d still like to play a 3D version of this awesome game.

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