32 Gates, 4 runways, LOTS of maintenance!

Used up all the real estate, people and planes flow reasonably well, but the runways and aircraft stands need constant repairs. I also wish the auto-scheduler wouldn’t over-lap flights so much!


Very nice.

If we only had 1 way taxi paths for these kind of designs :wink:

Nice setup! Maximum use of space :slightly_smiling_face:

I see you have 16 baggage belts, so 1 per 2 stands, is that the best and fastest way of working? Do you have any delays?

The maintenance is indeed a pain in the butt, would be nice to have a maintenance manager or something, but automated maintenance is already in the dev wish list.

I know, right!! But the aircraft seem to figure it out pretty well and will still use them both for the same direction of travel, which helps keep things moving. I learned the hard way with my first big airport, dual taxiways are a must.

I found the Ramp Agents take FOREVER to load/unload the baggage tugs, so only having two gates per baggage bay helps tremendously. With 32 gates the flight schedule is packed, so keeping the baggage bay/gate ratio small is the only way to turn the planes quickly and clear the aircraft stand in time for the next incoming flight.

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My airport has 62 gates, for now, so will need to build a pile of baggage systems to support that… :thinking: :smile:

Do you have a more close up look at how you have built the cargo bay and the bagage claim areas?

How many ramp agents you have now?

LOL if this was a real airport with how the runways are… this airport wouldnt be very safe lol

Try counting the amount of fire-doors :stuck_out_tongue:

Two are dedicated for take-off and the other two for landing, all in the same direction, and none of them cross as with many standard airports. Other than being crunched together for game-purposes is a pretty safe design. Take a look at DFW :slightly_smiling_face:

Look even closer and try counting the walls; none! You have an omni-directional fire escape path from anywhere in the airport, genius I tell you! :wink: Omitting the walls and doors was simply a cheeky way of shaving off costs as I found the flow of people is chiefly dependent on area designations and less on actual walls and doors.

lol I’m just saying that runways would never be that close to the terminal…at least there isnt no human error in the pilots landing or taking off in the game yet lol

Yes, this is a good point. If anyone over-shot the runway there would be an airliner blasting through the baggage area. Hmm…we need an option for sub-terrain walkways.

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