3 piers International

Current airport im working on with 48 gates, currently have 1 and a half piers operational.


The current build seems to have 2 strips, the slot-count on 2 strips will probably not be high enough to handle the 48 gates. Like your setup though. Wondering though, did you factor in staff-rooms / toilets in your wings?

I might be able to squeeze in two more runways, but i will see how it goes for now. Still in the process of adding some rooms like that i have a big staff room in the baggage handling area but that is jut temporary, i will need to sacrifice one of the gates seating areas to fit in staff and bathrooms. thanks for the tips.

All gates open for business!

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High res pano stitch of the central pier.


Baggage System

I like the “line” setup approach on check-in desks into cargo bays, I should steal that idea next build.

Secondary, wouldn’t it be awesome to have the “walk-lines” be able to be “suggestion” walkways for the pathfinder, that would be so nice in simulation.

Are your small toilet blocks still coping with the current stand volume behind security and dont they cause delays to the huge distance from toilets to gate and v.v.?

Go ahead haha…

Having the walls that corden off the boarding desks helps to keep passengers walking down the middle.

As for the bathrooms, most are just temporary at the moment but I have not seen any major problems. Still need to add loads more on the other piers and in the baggage bays.

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