3 Editing Tools We NEED!

  1. MIRRORING (TEMPLATE OR SELECTION) Just a key that would do it - rotating is great, but mirroring your selection would allow faster building for sure.

  2. COPY AND (PASTE or TEMPLATE) FLOOR TILES! - We go through a lot trying to make cool patterns, and the ability to template common designs your airport uses, it would make it easier.

  3. DON’T REMOVE MY ZONES WHEN I REMOVE WALLS! - I dont know why it does that, but if you make modifications with walls in any zone area, the zones disappear as well, causing more issues.

Just my 2 cents.



I dont know why it does that,

Let me answer this; back in early days of development, zones under walls were causing path finding errors and gameplay locks so developers removed zones under walls.

I think you can build a mirrored version of what you are building and save it as separate template :wink:

I don’t think it is that necessary. There are already 20-ish type of tiles you can just select one and use it.

Wouldn’t it be bad but as I said, it is related with gameplay.

“We” can’t mirror everything (e.g. the x-ray machines). There’s a feature request for that somewhere. I think mirroring of all objects would be necessary to mirror any combination of objects.

Yes the mirroring feature request was/is one of mine :grin: It’s not as much as a requirements now with the changes made due to multi-floor, but would sill be useful IMHO.

Mirroring objects and mirroring a selection for copy/paste should not be confused. I believe here he suggests the second.

As for zoning under walls: like EG0611 pointed out it is needed to prevent bugs made by designing errors. Maybe a script can be added ro wall removal that if it has an adjacant secure zone, the tile where the wall stood gets secure zoned.

I suggest leave it as is. If the zoning is added when a wall is removed, and that wall was separating two different secure areas, it will create more problems. Instead, how about when we delete a wall the zoning appears so we can see that there is no zoning where the wall was?

who removes a wall between 2 zones to leave them seperated?

who removes a wall between 2 zones to leave them seperated?

  • the ones who want to build windows
  • the ones who want to build hedges
  • the ones who want to fix zones later on
  • the ones who change decisions too often



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