2nd Real World Aviation Photo Contest

Welcome to the 2nd Real World Avition Photo Contest!

I will host this contest every 3 months.
Previous contest winner: @Rubble

Participants can enter their photos and the community will vote on their favorite.


  • One photo per participant
  • Photos can be of anything related to aviation
  • All Participants must own their photos
  • All entries must be sent in a PM to me
  • Entries must include the photo, your username and, a short description of your photo
  • There will be a one week entry period and a one week voting period

The winner will receive the grand prize of drumroll please … a vitural hamburger :hamburger: !

Good luck to all Participants, and let the contest begin!


The first entry has been received!

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1 day till voting, get your entries in!

I am extending the entry period to allow for more photos to be entered