2nd livery on an airplane

I am running into an issue where only the livery that is afabetically first for a given given plane within a airline will show up in game. I have seen other mods do this I just cant seem to quite get how to do it.

It’s currently broken. @Fredrik is aware of the issue.

Is this still broken?

I believe so. Not tried in a while since I found a work-around.

I tried it about 2 weeks ago (when the question came up in another thread) and it still didn’t work. :disappointed:

Can you tell us how you do your “work-around”?? :nerd_face:

It was probably multiple “airlines” with the same name and logo, but different liveries.

Or changing aircraft type: B737600, and another B737600_1 in liveries in LiveryData.json ?

does that work

idk maybe I’ll try later

that method didn’t work

@Nace888 is correct. I duplicate the Mod and then put it which livery required.