2024 issue: This version of UMF has expired and is no longer supported [solved]

Hi all and a happy new year.

If you are using the ACEO Tweaks and you get this message “This version of UMF has expired and is no longer supported.”, there is currently no solution for it. It’s an issue on UMF side and we have to wait until they fix it. Either by chaning this expiration date or by releasing a new version.

Currently there is no new version available and after a reinstall of it, ACEO and other games will end up in a blue start screen and nothing will happen.

If you cannot wait to play ACEO, you will have to uninstall UMF or better do a full reinstall of ACEO including a cleanup of the ACEO folder in the steamapps\common directory.


I recommend, when you can’t use mods, try not to play on the airports using those mods to stop any data from being lost. If you save the game, you will not have the data needed for those mods to function properly, once they are back. Considering loading the game, making a new separate save, and the going back if you don’t want data to be lost, but still want to play. You can return to modded saves once UMF returns
By data loss I mean custom Buildables disappear, tweaks flight info will disappear so you have to cancel all flights again to get it working again.

Sorry for the inconvenience, this will not be happening again next year :wink:

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You can find the new version at https://umodframework.com/
A download warning is possible until there are enough downloads.

It looks like now our mods require an update :wink: Keep an eye on those mod topics.


With the newest version of UMF (second release today) all mods should be fully functional!