2 Terminal Operations

I’m not sure if I have over adventurous here or if I’ve done something wrong.

I have created two terminals, one for med stands and one for small stands and set up the terminals correctly with the right zones and so on. However, my problem is no passengers are using the terminal for the small stands (the second terminal to be created).

The staff (airport, ramp and security) are there and go to the boarding gates and so on. The Vehicles are servicing the arriving aircraft. But no passengers check in as the flights aren’t displayed on the check in within the new terminal.

This means the small flights are departing with no passengers boarding. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? or is this setup not possible?

Many Thanks

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Make sure the secure zones are connected, the game cannot handle several secure zones.

So basically I would need to create a long walk way across the map?

Is there a plan to be able to assign checkin desks to a security check point or boarding gate that way you could predetermine the route of passengers?

Yeah, that would do. You can do it with secure sidewalk too.

Its a bit of a shame as my security in the main terminal fit to burst and leaves my other three in the second terminal redundant. Thanks for your help tho

I’ve just been playing the game there and something came to mind, if the game wasn’t able to consider two different secure zones, surely the staff would be confused. But they walk over to the terminal and go through the security and into the new secure zone to man the boarding gates?

So built a secure walkaway between the two buildings and customers are using it, but only to exit the secure area. Customers for flights departing from the small stands are confused, checkin but then not actually going through security and stopping in the check in area of the main terminal

Can you post a “zoned” printscreen of both wings and the connect?

Since it is low res, following question; is your right wing security fully manned?

It was, but I deactivated the right hand side as I noticed passengers weren’t going through security on the left and I had a huge group at the top of the check in desks on the right. When I deactivated the right hand security passengers started to use the left hand security. I have been playing around with it.

just saying the small stand terminal is alot bigger then it needs to be

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I’d agree, ive only recently downloaded the game, but im hooked. 50 hours game play in a week lol. I’m learning as I go. Completed all tutorials and playing with how best to set up a terminal for the best operation before I start and stay with the same airport

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nice i got 224 hours into this game so far

Nice. I’m loving it, and the logistics are challenging…

Still trying to find the best terminal setup, 537 hours in game :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my most recent idea, linear production line;

  • short distance from checkin to security
  • security to waiting very short
  • staff rooms start and end of wing
  • depots with assigned vehicles between cargo bay and stands
  • pickup of baggage is in line with the stands and the belt system has a very small footprint.
  • a small connect path to next wing on top.

Next time I would like a service road between the wing and the main terminal, since you cannot connect depots to stands atm and vehicles go long way around now.

Wing 2 is on its way.


nice… only thing that I dont like is that pax can get outside near the airplane areas…

Convince @Olof to give us passenger tunneling and their would not be such a crossing at all.

or have a raise foundation with a service road tunnel through lol

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count yourself as lucky I built all medium ramps at my new large terminal and with it all functional it’s down to 9 fps and i don’t have enough staff to supply it