100 CPU usage by hiring/firing lots of employees

I recently started to build a very large airport, trying to use the new big map to its fullest. After completing all the buildings/rooms/zones I started to hire employees through the debug menu. As i needed about 500 of them it seemed the only comfortable way. So i clicked away at the spawn staff button emplyoing about 50 at once and then sorting the crappy ones out via the management panel. Doing that caused my CPU to spike to 100% usage for a few seconds and then it calmed down again.
I thought nothing much of it and continued this way, only hiring/firing way more employees at once (100s) that caused the cpu to spike again and i continued with this strategy while not giving it time to reach its normal state (which would be maybe 20% or so) in the hopes that it would calm down again after a minute or two.
It didnt and now iam left with an airport where my cpu instantly goes to 100% when loading the save. I currently have maybe 600 employees and 3000 passengers at the airport, my CPU is usually fast enough to handle 10k passengers “fine-ish” . So although i recognize that it was probably not the smartest move on my side I am now left with a broken savegame, i spent probably 20h on constructing the aiport. I also tried just waiting it out, giving it a few hours of runtime to maybe fix itself but that didnt work out. Also pathfinding at this aiport is now completely broken (previous to the debacle it handled a few testflights perfectly) but thats probably because of the cpu usage.

So maybe there is a bug there somewhere, maybe this is just a warning for other players to not abuse the spawn staff feature too much. I would be very happy if this is fixable as i dont want to start over again.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Can you explain it again ? I don’t understand.

Hello again everyone. Picking up the game after a longgg time.

From what I am getting it would be optimization. During game it has already loaded in pervious structures and any mods you may have. If you have too many that may also be a problem. When the game is loading it makes perfect sense for the computer to be using full ram or cpu?. Did not know this was still a problem. Best fix is starting over :frowning: bug report it and maybe you can pick up the save game when the game can optimize loading a save file quicker. That is the only fix I have besides waiting.

For me, staff have always been more laggy than passengers.

Really difficult to say what the issue is here without a bug report, could you send one in?

Hi, already did! Title is something similar as this Thread :slight_smile: I dont remember exactly, it was a few days ago.

Buy a new pc, fullstop

When I played this game in old laptop(Intel i5-5xxx) my airport start laggy with more than 5000pax
After I get the new laptop (AMD r7-4800H + RTX 2060) the game run smoothly with 20K pax

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Yeah looking through the back log I can’t really find it which is weird… :confused:

Made a new one :slight_smile: Name is the same as this thread, would have given you the id but when i load the save it locks the computer up so bad it took 5 mins to send the bug report and it didnt show me the id afterwards! so beware when you load the savegame :smiley:

have a good one!

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