Zoning request

Can all zones behave like the secure zone please so you can extend them?

  • Toilets
  • Staff rooms
  • Shops
  • Foodstalls
  • Bagage area’s
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If they used the same zoning-style, you wouldn’t be able to have two of the same zones adjacent to each other.

You can leave room between them, not? like a wall for example?

Now, when building the terminal, I build a small toilet, when I extend the toilet, I have to DELETE the room, and remake it.

I agree. Extending the zones would be great. At the moment, you can only have squares. This is slightly unrealistic. I occasionally find myself having to make a single room out of multiple room zones. :grin:

In saying this, I do believe that it would be more difficult to implement than the secure zone. :thinking:

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Since when do we care about difficulty :stuck_out_tongue:. If you see bug reports, there is lot of more difficult stuff around :wink:

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Hahaha. I just have no clue about programming. It’s all difficult to me :sweat_smile:

Why would it be more difficult? The game already handles overlapping zones (staff and secure can overlap can’t they?)


I was just thinking shops and things have more variables, so it might make it more difficult to conform or expand to make different shapes. I don’t really know, that’s just how programming works in my head :laughing:

Is there a way to stop those passenger who have not flown yet (departing) from entering the arrivals/reclaim area.

The arrival/reclaim zone should only be for arrival passengers and not all passengers.

2 wings of a terminal, with secure exits in the “leave wing” works fine. If it is within the same terminal area, add a fake 1 block staff zone in the terminal. Passengers wont cross it.

Sorry, i dont follow :frowning:,

Can i have the secure exits but without a security control post?

Rimworld (last time I checked) does this quite well.

i.e for a stockpile,

  • if you start to draw from within a current zone, it expands it.
  • If you start to draw outside a current zone, it creates a new one.
    No walls / divides needed and also allows for a variety of shaped zones

Would be nice to see this behaviour in ACEO, allowing us to create L or U shaped stores / cafes etc. Although, I have a feeling this would require some additional work to commerce contracts and the required space calculations too, amongst other things.


That could certainly work! Perhaps zone-size could be determined from the number of tiles that a zone contains, with one tile being (unknown) by (unknown) meters? Easy to calculate, both for the user when designing the airport, and for the game itself.

Jas, you can split the secure exit and the security checkpoints by location. Put them 60 blocks apart, then build 2 wings. Make a door to the bus stops in wing 1 and 2. Arrivals pass through wing 1, departures wing 2.

thanks for the reply @jasperwillem, but i still dont get it lol.

Thanks for the picture.

Am I correct in saying. Just add a security control post, than pick up bags belts systems and than the exit.

Zones will be sucker. Arrivals zone.

Hmm will try this tomorrow.

Thanks jasper

The belt system can be put in the left wing, they wont mix with arravials

Sounds good, won’t work, if there’s not enough chairs in departure. Pax would still go to arrival just to sit.

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