Zoning merging between floors, no physical link - also staff missing



Confused by this bug, suspecting a corrupted save game?

As per screenshot, if I zone the tiles highlighted yellow square as secure, my currently segregated lower and upper floors (segregated arrivals and departures), suddenly merge.

If i unzone the tiles highlighted yellow, the secure zones (labelled 2 and 4 I think in image), unmerge.

There is no physical link made by zoning those tiles, there is no items on those tiles too. I’ve replaced the terminal foundations on both levels also.

Maybe there is some bug in if there was formerly some stairs on those tiles which are no longer there? I cant be certain but I originally had small stands along that position so the stairs would have been different set up.

Additionally security staff are vanishing from view, 130 employed but require only around 50 (different config to the screenshot), yet only around half are visible gradually reducing but total mystery where they are vanishing too (or not returning from). No transit/access issues to terminal.

Any help appreciated


Do you get a warning message when you load the game? Or what exactly do you mean by “corrupted”?

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Hi olof, i don’t get errors. Apologies I can’t find the bug logged in files could you remind me where and I can share that to you. Thanks

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