Will there be a Sandbox?

I was wondering if there will be a SANDOX . I’ve only seen two posts, but I would like a Dev to anwser.

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Sandbox is confirmed for release!


Also, I wonder if they added new plane types, I cant imagine the size of the A380 if they add it and the Large Gate

Please, no offense, but just take a second to use the search function before creating a new topic.
You can also see that if you start the game with very easy mode you get a trillion dollars to play with.

(you’ll have to zoom in on this picture)


Yes but i remember the developers saying they would nerf that amount…
So i’m not sure how sandbox this is :slight_smile:

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The biggest aircraft they have a 737. The game cannot handle anything bigger (yet)

they never said anything better it’s just the matter of flight model and making it they also said to somebody (who did the crj remake ) that they get a free copy of the game if they did the a320

Well, to be honest we don’t know. The maximum passenger count we have had on a save was 6500 with over 40 simultaneous flights. It was lagging yes, probably around 5-7 fps on our medium range machine. So one A380 with a total of around 1000 passengers (arrival and departure) can definitively be handled, but 10 A380s, probably not at this stage. So instead of throwing in the largest plane at the beginning and hope for the best, we decided to start small, making sure everything works. Then as we optimize, scale up the aircraft sizes. :slight_smile:


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