Why does pathing and multiple terminals continue to be an issue?

I’ve been playing this game for quite some time, posted about this topic several times, and yet, it still seems to be a constant problem…pathing between terminals is absolutely horrendous. There needs to be a better way to link terminals together and tell employees where to go.

If I am playing a career mode game, my general flow is to build 1 or 2 small runways, 10-15 general aviation stands, and a very small terminal just to house a staff room for executives and a staff room for administrators to research. I typically use this setup until I have enough money to build out a 2nd, main terminal for commercial aviation.

When I do this, it is a CONSTANT battle trying to get employees to go to the right location and not get lost. If terminal 1 is my general aviation terminal, that has a bus stop and car stop servicing it…if I add terminal 2, why can employees not figure out how to leave terminal 1 and go to terminal 2. It seems as though you MUST build terminals a certain distance apart, which is, frankly, quite stupid.

In my latest scenario, terminal 1 (general aviation terminal simply with staff rooms) was built. I setup terminal 2 for commercial aviation. I hired 4 security guards to man the security checkpoints in terminal 2. But when I hired them, auto-assign was on, so they went to terminal 1. I turned off auto-assign, and assigned them to terminal 2. Nope, they are lost. They don’t know how to get to terminal 2. It seems that terminal 2 is too far away for them to figure it out. Terminal 1 is also on floor 0 and Terminal 2 is on floor -1. Even firing and rehiring isn’t doing the trick anymore. It seems that, because terminal 1 is closest to the airport entrance, employees are just going there and giving up to die in the bathroom.

Can we not get some type of terminal to terminal transportation system, or the ability to better tell passengers and employees who to get somewhere when they are lost??? This has been a problem forever, and the solution given is usually you can’t build stuff that way…which is a pretty poor response for a game based on building and design. It’s not like I’m trying to build terminals on top of runways here.

And to add more frustration, I fixed the security guards not wanting to move by adding a long, unappealing sidewalk for them to get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2…only to have a new pathing issue with passenger agents.

Terminal 2, used for small stand commercial flights, had check-in, baggage claim, and staff rooms on floor -1, with all gates on floor 0. I have passenger agents assigned to Terminal 2. They are all sitting in the staff room, and will not go to floor 0 to board the passengers waiting to get on a flight. I had a janitor, sitting in the same staff room, go up the stairs to floor 0 and clean up a mess 2 tiles away from the boarding desk. The janitor will go there. The passenger agents will not.

I’m sure there are others that have way more, but I’ve got over 200 hours of play time on this game and have become very frustrated. I hardly ever play anymore, because I spend hours building and designing airports and then simple things fail to work. I’ve given it a go over the last 2 days, and I’m back to the same points I have been in the past.

Are your terminals covering the transit structures as well? If they don’t passengers will randomly distribute amongst the different structures causing the issue you describe. Regardless I can have a look at the save if you send in a bug report and drop the number here.

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I’ll look to create a save and bug report, thanks. I know the terminal is not including the transit structure, so that may explain moving from one terminal to the other. It would not explain the passenger service agent problem.

ACEO-43821 has been created for this.

I believe I have resolved the 2nd issue as well. Plane stands were not selected as part of the terminal. While you could always do this, I don’t believe it was required, and now, that appears to be the case. Once I added the plane stands as part of the terminal, passenger agent went to the location. The error message gives you a general area, but doesn’t pinpoint what exactly the problem is. Would be helpful to know where the issue really was when receiving the error.

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