Why are small planes not allowed on medium stands?

I don’t know much about airports, so maybe this is a stupid question, but why can’t small planes park on medium stands? Yes, it’s a bit of a waste and there’s more space than they need, but if I need to handle a small flight in order to complete a contract and not pay a fine and there’s only medium stands left, why can’t I use one of those?

Its because of the jetway, it simulates a 2nd floor. Since there are not 2 floors yet it seems a bit odd but I understand why it is not allowed there. The PAX I suppose could use the stairs on the jetway to get into the terminal, but they have not allowed that function.

Do you mean that the jetway is too high for smaller planes, so people couldn’t get out?

yes that is perfect summary of the reason

Okay, thank you :slight_smile:

With a door next to the jetway this would alleviate the boarding situation. So maybe in further updates we will be able to schedule small flights on medium stands :smiley:


Of course in real life people would usually walk down a flight of stairs in this situation, particularly at the many stands that accommodate 737s without having an airbridge. But most of these gates have an adjacent flight of stairs to allow access to the apron.

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