Weather does not work - DEICING not working/not needed

Placed my airport into Tokyo area (it should be moderate climate with all 4 seasons including winter) with temperatures around 10 - 0°C and even minus °C sometimes. I know for sure that on both Tokyo airports (Narita and Haneda) there are de-icing pads. In my game I have temperatures during winter like +20° C sometimes even more. Not single one plane wants to de-icing service. Any advices?

When you were selecting where in the world to place your airport, did you catch what it listed for deicing frequency? If the geo-map listed that area as deicing needed frequently and it’s doing this, it may be a bug. But the devs have given a heads up that at this stage in beta, the characteristics of some regions may differ from their real-world counterpart.

No I did not but I can start new airport and check it - what it says. But to be honest I think every airport in this game should have the possibility to have the deicing pads and offer deicing to aircrafts. I dont have airport in the desert but in normal area where snow can be seen. Even the snow is present in my game when I’m in winter months.

I have seen de-icing work in my current beta 2 career mode save. My airport is based is Dallas, and I’ve had several times where planes

Unfortunately, planes do not seem to queue properly for de-icing, as I had what looked to be as many as 4-8 planes stacked on top of each other in line for the de-icing pad. Other planes would come and taxi right through them. Even a restart of the game did not fix The artifact planes eventually went away when spring time came around.

Just checked it. In whole Japan there is “NONE” possibility of getting the snow/de-icing although snow is visible in game. This is just overlook from devs I guess because in the northern part of Japan where is the top island Hokkaido - there is a lot of snow every winter.

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