Walls vs Security Checkpoints

Please make it possible to build security checkpoints over walls, like doors.

Now, when walling a secure zone, you have to de-wall the zone to build secure checkpoints.



The same for security exits would be great!



In fact, I would love security exists to not have the wall on either side and be more like 'exit barrier’s
Or if it has to be the way it is, at least allow it to seamlessly join to a built wall.


I agree about the security exits. All of the airports I’ve been through are just a normal hallway. In most US domestic airports, its just a one way hallway, and they actually have a TSA agent there who makes sure that people don’t try and come in.

So maybe keep it the same size in game as it currently is with the arrows on it, but get rid of the walls and the gates, and add a little podium for a security agent, and make it another task for them to rotate through? And if people want walls on the outside, they can just do it themselves.

As you can see in this picture, its just a normal hallway, with NO ENTRY signs, and there is a black podium on the right side for an Agent to sit at. I think a simple design like this would be better.

Just my simple two cents on the matter. :slight_smile: Loving the game. @Jettuh what are your thoughts on the current design?


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