Voting date and questions

Hello community. I’m just asking will be there any voting soon. As said in one post, voting may be not the good way to decide about making new features, it only works when for example you have chosen some big planes but you started voting about what plane should be implemented first or should there be stand upgrades? Because some really good ideas may not go through, that’s why I write it.

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Do you mean voting on new features of voting on new aircraft? Aircraft voting is held regularly, as for the next feature voting round it depends a bit. Turnaround service and multi-floor are currently what’s in the works but we’ve had to push a series of other stuff in-front of it (like Alpha 30 and the soundtrack). It will however return once we’re ready for it!

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I meant that the feature voting may just not get some good ideas through. Do you think you will be ready soon?

Turnarounds service means cleaning, catering and de-icing? Why some of your work isn’t on Your public Trello board?

Yes, those are the three turnaround services to be implemented. Multi-floor is currently being actively worked on by Fredrik, but he splits his time fifty-fifty between this and regular bug fixing and general improvements (adding new aircraft such). Those turnaround services have been actively worked on before and we have a branch for it, but since the soundtrack was completed a few weeks ago we’ve pushed that in-front with a general audio update (Alpha 30). Once this goes live, which should happen very soon, we’ll get back to working on those turnaround services on a fifty-fifty basis.


In addition, by virtue off adding the top voted features, other suggestions have also been quietly implemented from the first feature voting round.


Moving Walkways Perhaps?

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Will be implemented, it was requested before. It was in the game a long time ago before the release too.

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