Vehicles make planes delay

I noticed that vehicles behave a little strange… in specific, fuel-trucks seem to refuelling planes at very big distances creating delay:

I wish that a fuel-truck, assigned to the red-circled depot, could only refuel planes parked in the red area; the same with a fuel-truck assigned to the blue-circled lot with planes parked in the blue area… but unluckily the two trucks often choose to refuel planes at the other side of the airport stretching turn-around times and generating delays.

Is there a solution?


For me, it works to assign fuel trucks to stands in the Vehicle menu.

Yes but you can only assign it to one stand. Would be nice if you could assign it to a parking lot, and then to a certain number of stands. I think this would be the most realistic way.

Exactly that!

So at the moment there’s no solution…?

Shouldn’t vehicle consider distance just like staff do now? Do you have enough trucks or do they get assigned from far away, as there is none available closer anymore?

I assume that trucks don’t count distance but only if there is a free task available…

Any comment from the devs?

@Olof nothing?

I would much rarther the devs focus on getting the bugs fixed rarther than reply to every comment. They proboally already know about the bug

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Yeah, it’s not always we have time to reply to every post or question unfortunately. Service vehicles consider distance just the same as employees do, or at least should, so if you have available vehicles in that depot and other ones further away get the job assigned then that does indeed sound like a bug.

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