Vehicles Does Not Exist In Procurement Tab - Sandbox Mode

I can’t seem to find the A1 fuel truck and the luggage truck in the procurement tab when I play in sandbox. Am I missing something? :confused:
I can use the “dev panel” to spawn the missing vehicles.

Yeah, I’ve got the same issue :grin: , Just go to the dev/debug panel and spawn it in the depot :+1:

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It’s pretty badly communicated but you need to hire a COO, Procurement Director and also upgade to Avgas 100 LL or Jet A1 fuel services to properly see all purchasable vehicles. I presume that not all of this is done? It will be looked over in conjunction with the large UI overhaul.


Yeah - better communication of this may be useful, as I was confused by this in my game as well. But this does make sense, and is a good idea. :slight_smile:


Nope, I haven’t done that. Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

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