Update/upgrade the Flight Process Monitor

The Flight Process Monitor (I’m calling it FPM in short) needs an update and 2 upgrades.

For the update it needs new columns for all the process added since the implementatio: Stairtruck access, Belt loader assistance, Shuttle bus transfers and Service vehicles transfers. In the future it could need updates too when de-icing, cleaning, catering, etc. are making their way in development.

The first upgrade it needs is a scrolling option. The FPM opnly shows 25 flights without the option to scroll when you have over 25 flights. For example: i have 50 stands, i need to follow up on active AND upcoming flights. Without delayed flights that makes i need to display 100 flights in the FPM. In that case scrolling is very usefull.

Second suggested upgrade to the FPM is filtering options. It would be usefull to see only the columns we want to see. If someone isn’t offering Fueling or baggae they could filter out those column, It can also help the overview when the missing columns are added. Perhaps even a filter for active, delayed and incoming flights will interest some people.


I’d love to see a history too of flights left in the last two or more hours.


Adding too many columns would probably make the FPM a lot more cluttered.

I’m thinking that it might be better to add a popup and maybe change some colours. Perhaps something like:

  • Grey: Not started
  • Red: Prerequisites on the way (rampers/belt loaders/stair trucks)
  • Orange: Prerequisites ready, process in progress
  • Green: Process complete

Mousing over the relevant cell would tell you what is needed (belt loader ready but rampers still on the way. for example)

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With a filter then, so, only “trouble” flights.

A histogram would be nice too, btw.

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It is necessary to add a button “Dismiss Aircraft” in FPM.
Sometimes, especially with tests in the experimental version, many flights are delayed at the same time and they need to be sent as soon as possible. So such this button would be very useful.


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