Update to 6.0-2 loses templates

I use a lot of templates for the game and since the update to 6.0-2 when I click the template button, everything works fine, but there are no templates that are able to be brought into the game.

I checked the directory where they normally are, and the are all there (I havne’t lost any of them) but they just aren’t able to be brought into the game

The template panel pops up, there is nothing in it

What works for me is to put each template in its own folder within the main templates folder. Each template has two files - a jpg and a json.

Like this:


Good luck!


Hi, yes, the templates’ folder structure is slightly altered (as @Eggshellent showed) to be more in lines with how our other mods are structured. This was done during the beta change regarding uploading of templates to the workshop from in-game.

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Thanks Alexander- after I did some more research I was able to find them and get them back-

To me, templates are such a cool part of the game - I cant wait to see what others put up on the workshop -

Thanks for the fast reply.


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