Unrealistic flight spawning

Hi guys. I think I already mentioned the problem of Q400 and ATR 72 offering unrealistic long hawl flights.
This seems to happen only in Oceania and has never occured in Europe or South America (I haven’t built any airports on the other continents yet).
I’ve noticed it at my airports on Tahiti, New Caledonia and at Alice springs, Australia. And it happens constantly no matter how often I start a new airport on the same location.
The thing is when i have realistic flights turned off then the game only spawns unrealisitc international flights?! But if I have the realistic flights turned on then I get a mixture of domestic and unrealistic international flights. Crazy, right?
I can`t quite figure out why this is happening.
Here’s a pic:

Alice springs is a domestic airport only with realistic flights turned off.
Another example:

Hope you guys can fix it.
Also the map seems to be a bit jammed, but i’ll do a second thread on that.

Something odd about Asia haha. I built Changi Airport and had a J3 Cub fly directly from the United States. :joy:

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Ah yes, Connecticut to Papette in a Q400XXXLR, totally viable transpacific route! :joy:
In North America it seems to generate routes fine, except for it’s obseesed with random airports.
Like Bradley, the game really likes Bradley.

Edit: It must be an Q400XXXLR-UHS, as it makes the journey in four hours

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There’s been multiple additions and changes to the route generation system and it needs a proper and cohesive balancing effort, which it will get, during beta! :slight_smile:


I am glad to here. You guys have done a really great job. The game gets more and more fun with each update.
Keep up the good work

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In Australia it´s Cairns. At least 70% of offered flights have this destination

My airport ships out plane loads to Northern Ireland (Belfast, Derry), Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh and Campbeltown), and… Southend…

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