Unique Starting Locations (Maps)

Feature request title:
Unique starting locations

This idea implements unique location maps, which can be chosen before you start a game. The area is intended to add a bit of variety and challenge to the game. Some Ideas are listed below.


  • The standard starting location that poses no real challenge.

Airport near a city.

  • Struggle with building an airport near a large metropolitan city. Don’t build your runway too close or you might upset the locals.

Beachside Airport.

  • Inspired by St Maartens airport, build an airport on a narrow costal stretch. Don’t build too close to the sea… some of your land might disappear at high tide…

Winter Wonderland.

  • Build an airport near a snowy mountain range. Be warned though… aircraft can only land and take off in one direction to avoid the peaks.

Dusty Desert

  • Build an airport on a large open plane. I suggest avoiding the oasis… unless it’s a mirage.


  • Ahhh. You want to build an airport. Well here’s a nice bit of land. You just have to clear the trees first. Good luck making your customers happy when you’re clearing the Forest at unprecedented rates…

Why it should be implemented:
These maps could factor in unique challenges, improving gameplay, and set ACEO apart from its competitors.

Feel free to add your map suggestions in the comments below. :world_map:

I like the idea but I think because airports take up so much land, it would cause issues instantly and drive us AirportCEOs crazy and frustration would be a major factor.

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