Unable to attach files to bug report

I created a bug report and wrote my description in the Submit tab but there was no where I could attach log/data files so I thought it might be on the next step but when I clicked next it just submitted the bug report and there was no where for me to attach the log/data files in my report.

Did you used the ingame bug report? There it attaches everything automatic.

Will it work if im just in the main menu?

It seems I am unable to from the main menu, and I can’t submit it in-game because the bug Im having is that I can’t load one of my saves…

Is it only with one specific save?

Just tried 2 other saves and it seems to be all of them /:

It also seems to HEAVILY lag my PC, when the game closes itself my chrome and discord were unresponsive for a solid 30 seconds, and a few times 1 or 2 other apps crashed. My PC was not experiencing any lag previous to when the game closed itself, and my PC isn’t overloaded in task manager it shows Im using less than 40% with everything open.

What are your hardware specs?

AMD Ryzen 3 2200g, Radeon RX 570, 16gb RAM. Do you need more details or is that enough?

Anyone able to help still?

What exactly is the issue? You cannot load any save from the main menu? Can you describe exactly what is happening in as great a detail as possible here?

Whenever I try to load any save game it seems from the main menu it will complete the loading bar, but than pause for a few seconds, after that a new app opens with the Unity logo and shows only a Unity error logo for a few seconds, than the game and that other unity window will close itself/crash.
Also when the game closes itself/crashes it seems to HEAVILY lag my PC for a few seconds and sometimes 1 or 2 unrelated other apps crash, and my PC was perfectly fine performance beforehand.

All right, you should first uninstall all and any mods you have installed. After that I would recommend a full uninstallation of the game and removal of any remaining Airport CEO or Apoapsis Studios folders (remember to back up your saves).

You can also check out the tips recommended here: Airport CEO | Help

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