Two stairs at one aircraft


Is this possible? Having two stairs to one aircraft on a stand to unload and load quicker?


This happens automatically at large stand with large aircraft but unfortunately not at medium aircraft

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Thanks that’s a shame. @Olof will this be coming with A35?

I don’t think so, they only have one door on jetway so I don’t think

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All large aircraft?

I believe so yes, the game should request two stairtrucks

If you look at the airport planning manuals you will see what service vehicles and where they should be are located. Airport CEO has tried to keep true to these, but it’s not always possible due to the simulation aspect of the game.


Boeing: Airport Compatibility - Airplane Characteristics for Aiport Planning

Airbus Services | Airbus Aircraft

Would the extra running costs of a second truck justify the marginally faster unload speeds? I would prefer two buses two be used instead…

I work at a low-cost carrier airport and all B738 and A320’s use two stairtrucks, so I don’t know any better than it being normal. I hope we’ll be able to (toggle it) in AirportCEO as well some day

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