Two shopping employees can't find the exit + zoning ui bug

Two shopping employees are stuck close to the wall. UI is hinting about a wrong zoning supposedly. When I click on the exclamation mark, the UI feels buggy as the zoning keeps displayed for no reason (second screenshot)

Bug reported ingame.

Where are they trying to go?

Where is the exit that they are looking for?

Did you modify something in the area shortly beforehand? New/changed entrances or exits? New builded walls?

I have no idea and I don’t know whom they work for neither.

The only thing I did is building the fashion store (doors and inside walls).

I build a door in front of them to fix the issue and one finally exited (through the store at the right). The other one is still stuck there.

I got this problem rare times, but mostly short after I builded new walls or doors or area exits. I think, it happens, if the pathfinding routine is made für the next move of this person and if he go, the calculated route is no longer there due to modifications.

Did you happen to catch the bug report number?

No but I believe my title was precisely the same.

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