Toggle filtering non-fully trained hired staff

In my recent savegame I created a quite large airport and therefore need a lot of staff.
At the moment it takes quite some time to identify any non-fully trained staff, especially in the army of janitors. :grinning:

Therefore I suggest to add a filtering toggle in the hired staff tab, right next to the current skill filter. If the toggle is checked, only staff which can be trained further will be shown. As far as my humble C# programming skills go, I suppose it’s no rocket-science to add that to the current filtering available.

I also struggled with that. My recommendation would be to simply put untrained staff first to make it easier. Or alternatively order them by recruitment date, that would help for me because I always train them immediately after hiring.

On the other hand, I think the current system is too simple - after hiring I just train them to the maximum and thus always get highly qualified staff. Would be better if training would be limited to for example once a year, and also not immediately raise the skill level but progress slowly through several days or weeks. The current system is just “dumb clicking” without gameplay benefit.

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What’s wrong with that:

You won’t catch all with that. Sometimes staff who still needs training as a higher level than other staff who is at the maximum already.
But it’s better than nothing, that’s right.

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