Tips and tricks on airport designs (centralized)

  1. Build foundations outside, and take out the walls, to make an automatically lighted and placeable buffer, or remote small stand pathway.
  2. Make use of all the space you have
    You can make taxiways that have two paths, but is just one taxiway , and have service rads on taxiways.
    Feel free to add more!
  1. Open up shops to cover operational costs at night, which will lead to a more profitable airport over time.
  2. Upgrade Runways and Stands to Asphalt asap to save on maintenance costs.
  3. Make sure to have GA stands connected and operational for building your terminal, the GA planes can give you income while you wait for building of your terminal space and objects.
  4. When you have your first small shop / food place, read the bigger 4 star contract conditions, so you know these conditions for building bigger food / shops.
  5. Name stands to recognize them in the flight planner.
  6. When planning your baggage area size allocation, plan for a big room where Ramp agents can take their rest. 16 ramp agents * a few baggage loading / unloading stations will require a lot of room to brake / rest.
  7. When extending security checkpoints, first hire the personal, then place the checkpoints, else you will be short-staffed when it is finished.