Tilt trays - when do you need a different setting than "to destination"?

I tried to figure out how to use tilt trays the right way and I made some mistakes which I could fix thanks to this forum. I understood that you have to set tilt trays to “to destination”, when you want to split baggage to go to different baggage bays that are assigned to different check-in desks and stands. I also understood that you have to use the same setting (“to destination”), when you want to split baggage to go to different baggage carousels, which is not self-explanatory. My question is: There are other tilt tray options like “left and right” or “forward and right”, which seem to split the baggage randomly (“one left, one right, one left…”). So they are useless, if baggage needs to go to a certain direction. But when do I need those settings, then?

Right now the only possible use for settings like “left and right” seems to be different baggage bays which are all linked to all stands and all check-in desks and are built just for the sake of a faster baggage procedure. In this case, it would not matter if a bag found the right destination because every possible bay would be just fine. But would a system like that make any sense?

My wild guess would be, that (for example) you build multiple scanner routes due to the slower processing time. So in front of 2 scanner routes you place a tilt tray sorting the baggage equally to both routes (e.g. left right) resulting in faster processing time…

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Exactly, I use it to allow me to get two or more scanner streams on the go with all baggage joining back up once it’s been through the the scanner. It works really well

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@btother That was exactly my guess, too, but for now that’s useless as tilt trays’ processing speed is as slow as scanners processing speed is.
So baggage backs up at tilt tray…
So imho there’s no use for other options until tilt trays’ processing speed isn’t raised.
Or has anybody else any idea?
@Stu Could you provide a screenshot? I’m surprised you made it working… :wink:

If you want to build something big like this it will be very helpful:

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Yeah will be later today but will send one over


The first image shows the three strands with the tilt trays on the left on forward and right and they divide up the bags.

The in image 2 and 3 they are set to destination

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