Thinking Ahead: Multi-Floor

Hi @Olof and @Fredrik, when multi-floors are released (thanks for the diligent work on this never-ending request), do you anticipate it being compatible with existing saves, since they are just one-level, or will we need to create new games? (Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere)

The Dev’s have always maintained they want to keep backward compatibility and to the most that has held true.

I think saves will be compatible but a couple of things might change. Things like when small seating was introduced all the previous sized seats, the double row ones we still have changed to single row ones.

So mostly yes I would say. But I could be way off mark.

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Why do you think so complicated? Most likely existing airports will just be single floor terminals you’ll be able to expand with additional floors. I don’t see a reason to be afraid for missing compatibility.

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