The underground belts is acting weird

I am building my baggage system and noticed something strange, maybe I am doing it wrong?

So I build normal speed underground belts connecting the check-in counters, and each group of check-in counters will converge to 1 high-speed underground belts, but there is something strange in the graphics. As you can see from the screenshot, the normal speed underground belts just disappeared when it suppose to show 1 transition (the white above ground to underground thing) belt. And when the normal speed belt meets with the high-speed belt, the high-speed belt become “overground”.

Anyone else has the same problem?

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The thing is transitions have slight issue. You need at least 2 pieces of belt in order to see transtion. Although the functionality works just fine.

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Yea, I think they work fine so far.

Can we see your full airport? Looks very nice!