The subway is darker in the interior of the airport

Hello everyone!

I tell you that I have retaken the game with the new version, I play it on Steam. I’m building a new (and possible final version) airport, but when I wanted to install the subway mouth inside the airport, the subway looks dark, like it’s off and does not light up inside the airport.

See the capture:

Also, I do not see the new construction options, like the tunnel … the game is updated … very strange hahaha.

Also, I noticed that the green bars of the workers are not there. They build, but that bar is no longer showing that they were working.

Another detail, I wonder if they could in the future implement that the exit door to the passengers of the terminal, is not double, but simple, as another construction option.

See the captures:

That which I have:

What I would like to have also:


Sorry for my poor level of english.

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Subway is meant to built outside so it appears dark when appears inside.

And the tunnel is not to be built but appears at the end of the road to the wtold!

You can build lamp posts on the edge of the subway station.

That’s an old lamp design you got there. From the good old days when you could attach them on eachother to direct them to everywhere.

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For now, that is an interim solution that can help me. Thank you!

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I was on the road, I had to grab it from a picture on forums :wink: