The 'share your vehicle issues/thoughts' topic

As I see quite some posts on vehicle issues and behaviour in general and possible features around it lately, I thought it would be a good time to start a separate thread on this topic to gather it all in one place for the devs. Please use this thread to share the vehicle related issues/bugs you encounter, would like to see different or developed as a new feature. Please keep it brief and simple, add screenshots with additional information (like arrows) to clarify what’s happening and if you have already bug filed it and know the bug report number, please share it with your post.

To keep it clear on the amount of people having the issue, please read through the topic if your point is already mentioned by somebody else and reply with a simple ‘+1’ to that first entry so we can build a thread on it.


My issues are:

  • Vehicles don’t always obey to the assigned parking lots but park where ever there is free space, typically as far away from their relevant “terminal” as possible. Meaning garbage trucks aren’t anywhere near the garbage depot for example, even if I assigned them there. For a while it works, but then they wander off.

  • Vehicle management sorts itself out every time you open it, leading to a random vehicle order and you can’t easily track where you were with the assignments. What was a first vehicle in the list may be 7th and 7th is 3rd and 3rd is 12th and so forth.

  • Vehicle management should go back to the way it was where only one type was able to be selected. If i wanted tugs only, I could do that. Now they are mixed with with catering, garbage and de-icing trucks and in the large airport it’s pain on the backside to work with them. Allow us to choose 1 type only.

  • Parking lots should work like staff rooms. I should be able to adjust each parking lot to allow or ban certain vehicles. This would be by far the easiest and fastest way to force garbage trucks to park by the garbage depot, tugs and stair trucks close to stands etc. Then I wouldn’t need to do individual assignments for 200+ vehicles which aren’t always obeyed anyway.

  • Closing a stand shouldn’t reset vehicle parking like it does now. If I got stair truck, tug and a belt loader assigned to a stand which I close down, all these vehicles return to “unassigned” state for their parking and park where ever they like. This causes an issue where already full parking lot with 7 assigned vehicles gets then partly used by these random unassigned vehicles bumping the assigned vehicles to use other parking lots adding to the chaos.

So, make vehicles respect their assignments, allow stands to hold vehicle assignments when closed and allow parking lot configurations in a way of staff rooms. These changes would go a long way.


Shuttle bus takes wrong street which hasn’t even a connection to the stand. (ACEO-33568)

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  1. Turns take too long and are super easy to create a traffic jam
  2. When there are multiple lanes, vehicles start to wander across the lane. Maybe try letting vehicles keep going straight.
  3. Some vehicles, such as airside buses, spend too much time on the stand to travel to their job position.


  1. Increase the speed when each turn. Game mechanism determined they can only make 90°turns but it’s unnecessary for them to really turn like doing a real one.
  2. Optimize pathfinding algorithm so that vehicles can keep straight and turn at the right place.
  3. Optimize animation performing tasks on the stand. (Speed up getting to position)


  1. (MOST IMPORTANT for me) larger outside road. One-way three or four lanes highway for larger airports.
  2. A traffic tool like TM:PE in Cities: Skylines. i.e. players can select a node and create paths so that we can choose which way vehicles are going in a junction.

And thank you so much for the effort every devs made to make the game better :slight_smile:

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  • The cities skylines traffic tool… This would be an exceptional tool! There is no single way of improving cities with terrible traffic than ensuring that the game will make the choice your design is designed to make…

  • Why do vehicles perpetually wander? I’m always having vehicles wonder about the airport… belt loaders will just drive into a baggage bay, flip a u-turn and drive out… weird stuff like that. There’s actually quite a bit of it. It’s never been a not problem in my airports.

  • being able to further sort the vehicles… trying to get them all assigned to stands or whatever is tedious when they aren’t alphanumerically sortable.

  • vehicles assigned to stands will physically leave the stand, find a path to go make a u-turn, then return to that stand to park… just increases traffic on the roads by causing turning slowdowns.

  • making left turns out of the stands would be nice…

  • upkeep costs of roads is off. Every airport I’ve looked at has a two lane road around the edge. I’d love to have this for realism sake, but it gets downright expensive… and grass having the same upkeep as concrete? Especially if concrete is never driven on… that’s the point of concrete, more expensive up front, less expensive later and lasts longer…

I agree with many of the items listed above. Hope it helps… Eventually this list should stop growing as there are only so many things that can be on it. But the game is still awesome.

  • Vehicle lots should count assigned vehicles and not parked ones
  • When ordering vehicles, it should be possible to appoint them a lot, before ordering them as a group
  • Vehicles should not loose a stand connection on close, but on deletion of a stand.
  • It should be possible to link vehicle lots to consumables (Fuels, ice, waste, etc) and baggage, so only vehicles of that connection can then be parked on that vehicle lot.
  • It should be possible to assign a medium and a large baggage loader to a large stand
  • It should be possible to assign a medium and a large push-back truck to a large stand
  • The vehicle menu should have a “non-assigned” slider in the top bar
  • Medium stands should not be allowed to call trucks for refueling
  • Stands having a plane active on it, should not be open for Vehicle assignment.

why? I guess it would be a pain to wait untill no plane is on the stand to assign vehicles…

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Since the ACTIVE ASSIGNED count is wrong when the vehicles are active on the body, you now can double assign vehicles to gates. While the gate cant handle double assignments. Same with parking lots.

okay, that´s true. But that´s a matter of the counting system, I guess.

I have another issue. The fire truckk drives the whole RW north to south, just to turn 180 and drive al the way back… (while the plane is burning and burning, and … :sweat_smile: :joy:)

Thanks all for contributing and thanks for adding and not repeating :heart_eyes_cat:

+1 on all of the above

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